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[Design] Windows 10 RTM by p0isonParadise

Your design is more touch friendly than any version of Windows or Linux or anything else. 10 turned out to be a bit hard on my fingers,...

Windows 10 Final Preview by p0isonParadise

I give the image 10 out of 10 stars. I'd use this OS. We all know what Windows 10 will look like on it's release in the fall of 2015. W...

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California My Home

Yosemite11 by Royce-Barber NorthFork 2 by Royce-Barber Nature Grid by Royce-Barber Morrow Bay Calirofnia by Royce-Barber Crystal Cathedral Garden 3 by Royce-Barber Avila Beach CA by Royce-Barber Float On by Royce-Barber All Is Full Of Love by Royce-Barber NorthFork 1 by Royce-Barber Good Bye My Tree by Royce-Barber Disneyland Submarine Station by Royce-Barber Crystal Cathedral Easter Choir by Royce-Barber 2008 Independence Day pic6 by Royce-Barber My House by Royce-Barber Royce's Home: Panorama PTGui by Royce-Barber NorthSide Christian Church by Royce-Barber NorthSide Christian in Fresno by Royce-Barber Crystal Cathedral by Royce-Barber Crystal Cathedral Christmas by Royce-Barber

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9 deviants said Yes, be a yes-man! Yes yes yes! Say it with me! Come on *blows whistle*. This is YES camp!
7 deviants said You'll do it either way.
2 deviants said Yes, it is the only way of life.
2 deviants said No, you are not fit to poll. Sit in the corner.
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[Design] Windows 10 RTM by p0isonParadise
Your design is more touch friendly than any version of Windows or Linux or anything else. 10 turned out to be a bit hard on my fingers, whereas your design would feel great. I already know your Cortana would sound like Britney Spears, and have her laugh and personality. Microsoft's Cortana needs to go back to the drawing board. Cortana sounds good, but really needs your personality and ideas to make it functional. Of course I love blue and blur, and blurred shadows to really pop out of the screen. 2D goes into 3D when the shadows have soul and passion. An interface should appear elegant like the queen of England, while being powerful like a supercar. An OS should be striking yet easy to use. Silver bits, lovely dials, like a tuned up Mazda Miata. Your design has Microsoft's vision plus an ocean of grace. You care about build quality and electric snappiness. I imagine the inner clockwork of your design having SatNav GPS, blutooth, the latest 3D HDMI, holographic VR engine, all that tasty stuff. An OS is a car, a production car. I want Microsoft to really put Apple to shame, and with 10 they are closer. With your designs they'd be perfect. If Windows could only have one change, I'd want blur, and of course shadows. And ripples. And rainbow glare. And actually... Here is an improvement for your design: Where there is no text, the window could be 100% transparent, edges and frame and all. The only interface I want to see, is parts of the interface I'm intimate with.
Windows 10 Final Preview by p0isonParadise
I give the image 10 out of 10 stars. I'd use this OS.

We all know what Windows 10 will look like on it's release in the fall of 2015. We know how it will operate because of their Jan 21 conference. And how it supports Microsoft's new Cortana chat bot along with DirectX-12 virtual goggles. But is everything set in stone? Is Microsoft tightening up and closing their senses to the spectacular visual concepts of p0isonParadise and his community? What will StarDock WindowBlinds bring to the table, and are third party utilities the only way to have your way with Windows? It's 2015 and Linux is still a niche OS only a few use. OSX is crawling along with a minimal code base and limited devices. Only Android and iPhones have amazing huge app stores. Windows only recently got an app store, and personally I find it cumbersome and counter-productive.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1, for one year. Do we pay for it after that year..? Some say Windows 10 will be the last version, as version numbers will no longer be used. There may likely be a streaming-video version simply called Bing OS. Microsoft shy's away from it's dorky past as it reinvents itself for the next generation.

Next generation means better, faster, stronger, all those qualities Daft Punk drilled into our skulls. What qualities? AERO. BLUR. The glow of natural glass as we saw it in Windows 7. The fluid movement of menus. the sharp direct connection we have with our intimate files. Microsoft may have flattened the visual AERO glass look out of Windows 10, but I say it's time to bring it back. It's time to let digitally-savvy artists enlighten our file navigation.

Windows 10 Final Preview by p0isonParadise, is one of many looks into how an OS can be organic, contemporary, clean, fun, light hearted, and most importantly: Let's us get work done professionaly and instantly. The multi-tabs in the image are a must-have feature. This clean yet informative art allows you to work while not losing track of your desktop art. Seeing the desktop slideshow through your work-flow, helps relax the mind. Soft glowing backdrops to your folders, with sharp organized edges, feel like you're in a exoric car rather than a mess of Microsoft code. It feels more "Bing" and less "Bill Gates".

What I'd like to see happen with this image, is to be in 4K download size. I like all icons to be one solid color. I'd like an optional rainbow-lense-flair when a window opens. I'd like to see more of what the Control Panel could do, I'd like to dive in and watch a video of this OS in use. Or at least a vector mock-up of what the OS would look like as windows overlapped and menus opened. I'd like a very very slight transparency, perhaps 10% to 20%, to the peach color background of a window. Perhaps a window can be 70% transparent in areas which have no text or labels, and 10 transparent where there is text to read. As if only opaque solid-colors where text must be read clearly and comfortably.

I'm going out on a branch here, but an OS should be integrated into your car, your home automation, your wardrobe and fridge, your various audio chat bots. Your OS is you. You are the AI and the OS is your toolbox. Windows 10 files often live in the "cloud", so cloud folders are a must.

Perhaps this is just me, but I'd love to see a 2 inch Britney Spears dancing on my start menu. It would be an opt-in feature, but she'd dance to my music and be my Cortana.


Royce Barber
United States
Current Residence: Fresno California USA
Spring 2014 by Royce-Barber

This my official 2014 Poem. It has no immediate purpose. 
Basically I watch TV commercials and try to make as little sense as possible.
This may not be the very latest version, see my site link below.

Propane powered rocks never run out of sprinkled ham. Are your socks infected with bubble-wrap? Throw a blanket over it. Throw a blanket over everything like you're trying to make oatmeal out of trees. We can't assume a paralyzed elf has transparent seahorse scales. So I awoke in a place of cats pawing faster than juice. You may think old beach towels don't have time to rescue your gimpy walnut. Yet, the strength of a sassy friendship garden is swifter than hair. That hair depends on how clean your knee pit looks in the daylight, my sweet. For one single bean may grow five and a half drops of love. Sipping tears the size of a football. Mashing turnip grease on a security door is easier said than slurped, because the good warship Mexico can glaze a bear paw like it means corporate business. He'll shave your moose like butter corn squeezed through a peach radar. Examine the facts, you can't put a price on the lemon king, the market is too jiggly. Our burritos are made entirely of vitamin C. Robot penguins flail their arms in excitement. The military never did allow paper bags, the risk was too great. So slap a pancake, if not for yourself then for those who never could. Raccoon physics paved the way to jive snares. Not just any spoon transplant will do. Next you'll be saying door hinges really work. Rinse off that lava, you know where it's been. My people the mole men, often squeeze chopped washing machines. For maximum fumbling, apply organic shoes directly to a dogs paw. Flowers scrape diamonds, it's just math. That's when I made a perfectly round shoe, from a single piece of wet string. Fire trucks weren't meant to get this fresh, it's just not decent. When our village elder peels bark from a tree, it's music to my liver, you know the taste? Emulate illuminated cogs like moss on a cracker. Some day he'll go far, and we hope he stays there. Dmitri won five potato chips in the shape of joy, which he traded in for a reservation to have orange juice with Oprah. Notice the grassy scent of a glass of chia pets in plastic bags. Your knee pits say no, but your ears say yes. It really takes an old jar of dogs to learn new tricks. I'm talking about an empty spoon. You see, the Chinese team are known for flying a boat over five school busses. So I was found to be licking a grand crystal stair case dirtied by candle light if you wink with half a smile. It's there where bugs sell each other houses made of hair. As she follows the power drill to soft, soft buried treasure, she got a glimpse of her dream man. This was his first workshop teaching how to cook a jam covered car engine in an Amish pizza. The village, was never the same. Needless to say we lit candles in remembrance. In an unexpected turn of events, the city council voted in more ham spice than the electrical plug of a train speeding in a circle over a dog in a pointy helmet, if you see what I hear. My father was too far ahead of a birdhouse with no door hole. That's what you get for feeding a chicken it's triangle oranges by the sparkling light of hamster meat. The strange part is behind us now, where two moose intersect to create a breakfast for champions. Only the heart protests. Glancing at the right nostril of a needlessly specific kind of raccoon, a turtle in a bouncehouse took one dignified step toward his natural enemy.

Feel free to read more of my poetry here;…

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Happy New Year my friend <3 I'm so happy to find you on the web and really hope to see you soon :D 
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rosariogirl54321 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, Royce, I've just submitted three more pictures.
Since you, well, liked the others, I thought you might want to know.
Also, I've been wondering what kind of music you like?
What bands, what people.
Do tell, Royce, do tell.
Royce-Barber Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
What should I call you in public? Rosa? Sar...pikachu. Rosachu. Where did your username come from anyway? I adore the new art pieces you submitted. We've had some hot days lately so I've not been on the PC as much, but I saw your art works. I love black and white with lines representing action and mystery. You have talent for literary and visual art, not to mention comedy and sweetness. 

The music I listen to is the sloshing sound in my mind of your user icon licking my face! That icon illustrates your sense of humor and I hope it never changes. <3

As for my actual music playlist, it's quite diverse. I like Christian music the most (Newsboys, even a little TobyMac). The more modern the better. There is this one band called ApologetiX who spoofs old rock songs, and makes them into Christian songs, it's so funny. I used to listen to a lot of Linkin Park, as well as Gorillaz and some Moby. There is so much more... Bjork, Daft Punk, Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, and a LOT more!!!

I love funny movie sound clips, like from Monty Python tv show and movies. That was waaay even before my time. I listen to sound effects even, from the videogame Portal2. I like sound clips from the Simpsons and Futurama. 

Last but not least, I also love a lot of Anime sound tracks, as well as the Final Fantasy video game series and it's music. Dot hack sign was a great anime as well as it's music. 

rosariogirl54321 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You can call me either Rosa or Sarah, whichever one.
Unless Andrea's on here instead of me.
The you can call her Muffy the Dark Mime.
And we got the name from a manga and Anime called Rosario+Vampire. We liked the word 'Rosario', so we decided to use that. We also have another account when we want to both get on deviantArt and talk to each other or role play. We mostly use the characters from our stories in those instances. Characters such as Izabella Starlight, Jak and Nial, Nimitsu and Waikor, Mary Malice and Alice Insinuous, Kalistrai Edge, Watcher and Paul and Sprinkle Berry, Lizzy Stalker, Aiden Dracaena, Ashra Lovelern, Gallaghan Fable, Nightmare Jack, Kalice the Butcher, Kiiya the Mad Scientist and her assistant, Vibbs, Ace Barberossa, Morning Dahnne and his brother Day, and Slender Sadie Insidious.
All very frightening characters, to be sure.
Especially Mary Malice, Alice Insinuous, Nimitsu (the Goddess of Carnage and Bloodshed), and Slender Sadie Insidious.
Oh, and the other account we have is called AnSaolEile, which means 'the other life'.
We like things like that. Things like sharoc, or 'dark fey', nihtegala, or 'night-singer', šahāda, 'testimony', śāntiḥ, 'peace', contendere, 'strive together', orkheisthai, 'to dance', phainein, 'bring to light', and līflād, 'way of living'.
Things like that.
And thanks. :)
I'm sure I don't have to tell you how very funny and lovely you are, too.

Thank you. :meow:
We thought it was cute. And entertaining, of course.
It's a character in both a manga and an Anime. His name is Ace. He's not the main character, but he's the brother of, and we liked him.

Linkin Park? Have you ever listened to "Iridescent" or "Robot Boy"? How about "Shadow of the Day"?
We have a few Christian albums on our computer. Have you ever heard "Awake and Alive" by Skillet?
I like the one that's been on the radio by them, called "Fire and Fury". They're also in a tobyMac song called "Tonight".

Have you seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail? I don't remember much of it, since we saw it years ago, but I know it was funny, with that killer rabbit and "Bring me a shrubbery!".
We've seen a few more Monty Python movies. He's funny, huh.
We absolutely covet funny movies. We practically worship them.
Well, no, actually, what Andrea and I worship are books.
Speaking of, a book that we have long awaited has finally come to the library.
Congratulate us and wish us well, my dear Royce, for we are rich in glee, and giddy to our toes and arm hairs.

catazarch Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
thank you for the visit :3
Royce-Barber Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
You are in Italy? How is the weather there????
rosariogirl54321 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, Royce, are you in a chatroom? 'Cause I want to, you know, actually speak.
I want to introduce you to my sister.
So, what do you say, buddy?
Do you dare brave the wilds of . . . well, us.
Go, Royce! Go where no [Insert Alien Creature Here] has gone before!
Courage, my friend. Courage!
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